Harmony Haven is unable to accept more cats at this time.

However, there are MANY resident cats available for adoption. Not all of the cats have been photographed. So please consider these only a sampling of the many wonderful cats we have.

They have been seen by a veterinary, tested negative for feline leukemia/aids, are receiving immunizations, and are pronounced healthy.  They are spayed/neutered at the appropriate time.  The birth dates are approximate and determined by the age as estimated by the director and the veterinary when they come into the sanctuary. 

You may view pictures and descriptions of our adoptable pets which are posted on Harmony Haven's space on Petfinder. We have installed a "Pet List Scroller" which gives you the ability to either view ALL of our pets OR search for a particular type (dog or cat), breed, age, and size. This is similar to a petfinder search EXCEPT it will show ONLY Harmony Haven pets.

Although the Pet List Scroller is fairly self-explanatory, the following are step by step instructions. Be sure to note item 6.

     1. Click on the "small down-arrow" to make a choice for animal (dog or cat),
         age, and size.
     2. Type in the breed of choice (or leave it blank).
     3. Click on the small green "go" button to the right of the line of search items.
     4. Now scroll through the pets.
     5. Click on either the name or picture of a pet to see its information.
     6. Important: After viewing a pet, click on the "Harmony Haven" link,
          (NOT "See more pets from Harmony Haven") to return to the Pet List Scroller.
        The correct link is located at the bottom left of the pet information section.

     Click Here to access Harmony Haven's Pet List Scroller.

Please Note:

Because Harmony Haven is dedicated to placing our animals in safe, caring homes: 

Cat adoptions are to homes which provide total indoor living arrangements.

We prefer to arrange a home visit if possible.  

All information on applications will be verified before an animal is placed in a new home.

Call Harmony Haven for more information  -  812-535-3819.

For information and/or an application, email

When you email us, please include your location and a telephone number to contact you, in the event there is a problem contacting you via email.

Also, please allow 5-6 days for a response before sending a second or duplicate request.

Thank you!

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