Harmony Haven, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing quality lifetime care for homeless cats and dogs, finding suitable adoptive placements for those animals who are healthy and socialized, and educating the community about responsible pet guardianship.

Our building is located on a hill at the intersection of State Road 63 and Sandford Ave. in northern Vigo County. As you drive north on S.R. 63 from Terre Haute, you will see our "Harmony Haven, Inc." sign on the east side of the highway.

If space is available, anyone who finds a stray may bring him/her to the sanctuary. Non-members must pay a $70 drop-off fee. The fee is waived for a limited number of animals for members of Harmony Haven. Please call before bringing us an animal.

Harmony Haven is modeled after other privately funded no-kill cat and dog sanctuaries in the U.S. No kill sanctuaries offer an alternative to more traditional shelters which kill approximately 30,000 cats and dogs every day, seven days a week. Currently, there are more than 700 sanctuaries nationwide, one dating as far back as 1907.

All the cats and dogs of Harmony Haven live communally with their own species. Our animals do not live in cages, but are housed in a home-like atmosphere with loving attention, making a smoother transition to an adoptive family.

Dogs live in 6 x 8 foot rooms and have 15 foot outdoor runs attached. Cats live in spacious open rooms with large windows, play equipment, and perches. Volunteers and dedicated staff care for the animals.

All animals brought to Harmony Haven are vaccinated and spayed or neutered. Dogs are tested for heartworm and cats for feline leukemia/aids. All are available for adoption into strictly approved homes.

By providing a safe, happy home for animals that would otherwise be left to suffer a protracted, lonely death, Harmony Haven provides a humane alternative for the increasing number of stray cats and dogs.

Harmony Haven is composed of people like you; caring individuals, who love cats and dogs, and volunteer as foster parents, donate their time for clerical or other volunteer duties, help our fundraising efforts, and who spend time socializing our cats and dogs. And the rewards are great! Knowing that you have done your part to save a special unique, but helpless cat or dog can give you a wonderful sense of satisfaction.

A newsletter is sent to all our members. This newsletter keeps you informed of Harmony Haven activities and future plans.

Help us today--there are many options:
    Donate to our Operating Fund
    Become a Harmony Haven member
    Join our volunteers

For information about any of these options, contact us at: 812-535-3819

Harmony Haven No-Kill Shelter is not a United Way charity, receives no tax dollars or government assistance, maintains no contracts with government for animal control services and is not affiliated with any national organization. We are a 501c(3) non-profit and contributions are tax deductible to the extent provided by law. Your donation can make a positive difference to help animals in our community.